KRWBIN LOVE Chenille (T-Shirt or Hoodie)

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These KRWBIN Chenille T-shirt or 
Hoodie adds a wonderful touch to
any outfit.
TTVideos Uploaded January 12, 2024

All watermarks/logos will be 
removed prior to printing.


T-Shirt/Hoodie = Black, Red, White
T-Shirt Material = Cotton/Spandex
Hoodie Material = Cotton

Chenille Colors (Hot Pink, Light Pink,
White Chenille) = Chenille Love Auto-
Matched to Selected T-Shirt or Hoodie
Color - As Shown In Photos/Videos

This is a Unisex Fit/Style

Turn T-Shirt inside-out before washing.
Don't use bleach or fabric softener.
Don’t use iron.
Wash in cool water on delicate cycle.
Hang to dry or air dry.
Same Instructions for Hoodie

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