KRWBIN Beauty Libby Glass (Option w/ Faux Nail Accessories)

KRWBIN Beauty Libby Glass (Option w/ Faux Nail Accessories)

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This KRWBIN Beauty 16oz Libby Glass
with Design is a wonderfully,
special gift.
Initial TTVideo Upload March 24, 2023
**Holiday Editions TTVideo Uploaded
December 8, 2023.

**NEW ALL KRWBIN Libby/Libbey Glass
will arrive with COLORFUL LIDS
instead of the older wooden lids.
TTVideo Uploaded August 31, 2023

All watermarks/logos will be removed
prior to printing.

Lead-free and BPA-free Glass
Design via UV/DTF Printing
New Acrylic (Hard Plastic) Lid/Top
Lead-free and BPA-free Plastic Straw
All Orders Include: Glass/Lid/Straw

OPTION 1: No Accessories 
OPTION 2: Faux Nail Accessories

Care Instructions:
Hand-Wash in cool soap & water.
Do Not Submerge In Water.
Do Not Use In Dishwasher.
Do Not Use In Microwave.
Do Not Give To Small Children.

Pre-Orders take longer than 5-7 days for
Processing & Shipping. Allow Processing
Time of 5-7 business days for In-Stock
Items. Processing times may increase due
to holiday delivery changes.
Please review our Refund Policy before 
placing orders.

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